Property Transfer Tax

1% of the 1st $200,000 plus 2% of the remaining amount.

This Provincial Tax is due every time a property in B.C. changes hands. Your Conveyancing Lawyer will collect the tax on closing and pay it to the Government.

As a first time buyer, you will be eligible for exemption from the Property Purchase Tax under the following conditions:

  • Purchase price is less than $385,000 (full exemption)
  • Mortage amount is 70% or greater.
  • You have never owned a primary residence anywhere in the world.
  • Must be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident for the past twelve months prior to your completion date.
  • You must reside in the home for a minimum of one year following completion.

This information is deemed to be correct but should not be relied upon. Check with your financial instituation for further details.